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Spanish Federation of Fish Retailers

Web: www.fedepesca.org

FEDEPESCA is a National Federation that joins up the different Provincial Associations of Fish Retailers over Spanish territory and was born in 1978. It is formed by 21 full Provincial Associations and others as associated partners. A total of 7.200 shops of fish retailers are represented by FEDEPESCA.

FEDEPESCA supports Provincial Institutions and defends fish retailer interests in different areas. Furthermore, it boosts collective projects to enhance the competitiveness of its microcompanies and has a close relation with Fishery Organizations at national, European and international level as well as Public Institutions.

FEDEPESCA has an enlarge knowledge in Spanish fish retailer sector. It realizes projects related with different areas as promotion of fishery and aquaculture products acquired in traditional trade. For instance, FishFan project was developed in 2015 and it achieved in 2015 the Trade Merit Plaque, granted by Economy and Competitiveness Ministry, and in 2016 Spain Food Prize, awarded by Agriculture, Food and Environmental Ministry.

Furthermore, FEDEPESCA has participated in many projects related with other topics of this sector, as traceability, sustainability, new requirements of Common Fisheries Policy, or labelling. For example, PESCAVERDE project developed on 2014. Also, FEDEPESCA has an extensive experience in training programs like Madrid Association (partner of FEDEPESCA) that has more than 10 years of experience in specific fishery training, training more than 800 people in 2015.


logo fedepesca nuevo


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