Expected impact of e-fishNet Project


  • Create an international collaboration network between different organizations and stakeholders that promotes a correct and adapted training for fish retailer sector at international level.
  • Increase the global knowledge, implementation and development of current training models of different countries of EU.
  • Transnational cooperation to improve the knowledge of a sector with a strong traditional component.


  • Fishmongers will be directly involved in a project group to develop the project, so that their opinion and experience will be decisive in the type of training strategy developed.
  • Basis to develop the training strategy will be established for fishmongers, taking into account the real situation of the sector and current demand.
  • With the purpose to develop new skills, training materials based on business management tools, novel selling mechanisms, enhancing trade perception, innovative resources, digital skills, etc. will be implemented. Furthermore, this training will be implemented in e-learning format to facilitate the training access and its flexibility.


  • Collect information according to training of this sector and training models.
  • A training model adaptable to other traditional sectors.


  • Public bodies and population will be free to acquire useful information about the real necessities of fish retail sector, and this information could be transferred to other traditional sectors and other guild with similar problems.
  • Population will participate in the project because we are interested on their opinions about this sector, with the purpose of using training programs as a tool to address gaps and negative opinions of customers.
  • Raise awareness among public bodies about the necessity to adjust training to the reality and the necessary skills for fish retail sector day a day.
  • Promote the strengthening of the sector, create new jobs and boost its prestige.
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