After intense work focused on the first Intellectual Output (State of Art and Fishmongers Marco Curriculum), the ideal training model for this sector was defined. Knowledge Areas and differet units were collected in this model that has been a guide for the e-learning platform designed. This platform is the first focused only in Traditional fishmongers and is also the second Intellectual Ouput of the e-FishNet Project co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme for the European Union.

Every partner of the Project has shared ideas or content in the development process of this Platform. Matís and ARIEMA have been in charge of the final design and management of this tool, always with agreements and conclusions reached in the different transnational meetings. 9 Organizacions have took part in this activity of the e-FishNet Project coordinated by FEDEPESCA.

In this platform, both fishmongers and trainers will be able to find interesting contents. For example trainers will be able to find sheets with information related with the development of different training courses, and also additional materials such as video, apps, pictures, additional activities, etc.

e learning

Professional fishmongers can also find training materials in different training areas, such as general knowledge about the fishery value chain, food safety, social media or species identification, amongst others. Work has been done in at least one unit of each training block (knowledge area). These contents can be found in Turkish, Icelandic, Spanish and English with the aim of increasing as much as possibility the usability of this tool in Europe. Both Trainers and pupils will be able to find tests for the units developed.

Access to this platform is free, and will be allowed after a user and a password are provided.

Ultimately this e-learning platform is the first one focused in the Fish and Shellfish Retailer Sector. For this collective, these kind of tools are really useful taking into account the long working days and difficult schedules they face. Also young people from all around Europe will be able to find specific training contents for this profession, and this for sure will ease generational replacement.

To have Access to the e-learning Platform click here.

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e- FishNet is a project included in the Erasmus + Program and co-funded by the European Union. This Project started in September 2016 and will finish in September 2018, with a total period of 24 months. The consortium is composed of 9 Organizations from Iceland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain and also we count on one organization with European scope. FEDEPESCA is the coordinator of this project, which aims to analyze different training schemes in fishmonger’s training in the member countries, create an international collaborative network and also develop an e-learning platform with e-learning content.
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