European Fishmonger Professional Profile (Marco Curriculum)

  • The universe of respondents of the survey addressed to fishmongers is 265 people, being mostly men (74%) with an average age of 45 years; One half are owners and the other half are employees, having started their activity mainly for an heritage family business or own interest.
  • The number of respondents covers all levels of education, from primary education to university education. However, only 11% of the respondents have university education.
  • A high percentage of fishmongers is working in a traditional fish shop (91%) compared to the small number of operators working in the Large retail chain (only 9%).
  • There is some discrepancy related with the number of years that they work in the fishery sector. We have a large percentage with many years of experience (> 15 years). In general, it can be said that it is a sector where a higher age group dominates, with a lot of experience and poor or no training in the area.
  • At the training level, the needs focus on topics such as "Food Quality and Safety", "Product Handling and Presentation", “Costumer service“ and in a lesser extent “Business management” and "Labeling and traceability".
  • The lack of specific training for the individuals to become a fishmonger is also pointed by the respondents as something that could harm the sector, but with low impact.
  • Most of respondents are familiar with new communication tools and technologies. However, the use of online learning platforms are minimally used by them (only 2%).
  • Most of the interviewees would be available to start training in online platforms (63%). The main reasons pointed out by those who say they would not use them are the preference for face-to-face training and the lack of knowledge about the use of these platforms.
  • In general, fishmongers think that society don’t value the profession. The most of them think that training could improve this vision. So, there is space for growth in this type of training, however it may be more targeted to younger people with poor knowledge and experience.
  • Regarding interview videos we have an universe of 25 people and these information reflects all the conclusions that were collected in the surveys.

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